In-Office Manicures
to Your Workplace

Keep your employees motivated and boost
team morale by arranging hassle-free
corporate beauty services for your staff at
little to no extra cost to your company.

How it works

From express & luxury nail treatments to
relaxing hand massages, our highly trained
technicians bring wellbeing to the workplace.

Achieve a better employee work life balance, and
let Tipsity take care of everything. Blending in with
the work day, with only minimal company input, your
staff can fit appointments around their busy schedules
with our seamless booking process.

luxury nail treatments

97% of our customers surveyed say Tipsity makes a positive impact on their work day. Give them an in-office perk they’ll love.

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, make Tipsity an integral part of your company wellbeing program. We work with your HR team to integrate our services into your staff benefit scheme. Reward your staff with single, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions.


74% of
employees feel
burned out on
the job

– YouGov

Create a supportive company culture
which looks after employee wellbeing, and
reduce stress, improve communication,
and increase productivity.

Happy staff
have been found
to be 12% more

– theguardian

When we look good, we feel good.
With our treatments, your staff will have a
little extra confidence to achieve their
daily objectives.

14.3 million days
lost to stress,
depression, and
anxiety per year

– Gov UK

Show your employees how much you
value them by giving them opportunities
to de-stress and unwind with our
first-class in-office manicure treatments.