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to brightening
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I save time and money getting my shellac nails done by Tipsity, I would not hesitate recommending them to another agency.
-Chloe Hardy – OMD

Workplace wellbeing

When your employees feel the benefit, your business benefits too! Happier staff means better workforce morale. And better morale will always have a positive impact on business productivity.

Over 100 UK big brand businesses are already integrating Tipsity into their well-being programs. With over 60,000 treatments provided to UK employees since being founded, proving its popularity and making it one of the more popular perks at organisations we service. It’s great when recruiting for new staff members also.

Increases employee motivation and productivity

Put big smiles on the faces of your staff by saving them time

work-related stress
and sick days

Easy to implement
into your company’s
well-being program

61% of employees don’t think their employer is interested in their mental wellbeing


595,000 of workers say they suffer from work related stress, depression or anxiety


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